Aesthetic qualities

Distinctive geometric style

The beauty of Tectal roofs arises first from geometric style. Tectal's classical diamond tiling pattern, softened and harmonized by the rounded corners of the tiles, creates a traditionally pleasing yet distinctive geometry.                                                    




Distinctive surface aspect

The tiles are anodized, which means that a very hard, colored     ceramic layer has been formed at the surface. Anodization is a commercial finish unique to aluminum; it preserves the metallic appearance and thus, the authenticity of the product.

Rich colors in harmony with the sky

The available palette is a range of UV-fast bronze and rainbow colors. Varying sunlight conditions throughout the day-under diverse angles of incidence, with either overcast or blue sky, and even in the rain-bring out a variety of roof appearances: the extraordinary richness and light responsiveness of anodized aluminum transform the roof into a beautiful architectural element forever attuned to the sun.