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The Tectal roof, in brief

The Tectal roof expresses all the beauty of anodized aluminum

Tectal's roofing system (U.S. Patent 6,557,315 B2, expired) has been designed as an up-scale, aesthetic, distinctive and durable system. It is based on anodized aluminum tiles and moldings, available in a range of bronze and rainbow colors impervious to deterioration by sunlight.

Tectal, a noble coating

The Tectal roof combines authenticity, beauty and durability, while respecting the environment. Completely mineral and inert, it is counted among the noble coatings, but unlike these, it has the advantage of offering a whole range of colors.

About Tectal

Tectal was founded in 1997 by the present president, Pierre Tremblay, who holds degrees in engineering from McGill University, Imperial College and University of London U.K. He has worked for twenty-five years in engineering and R&D in the aluminium industry.

The business objective of Tectal is to commercialize up-scale building products made of anodized aluminium.

We strive for excellence in roofing

Excellence in choice of materials

Tectal proposes to use, for roof cover construction, only stable and recyclable metals or minerals, recognized over a long period of time for their resistance to the elements.

Excellence in design

Through proper design incorporating technical as well as other knowledge, we materialize roofing covers second to none other in aesthetics and durability. Only four words sum up the latter: good for hundred years.

Excellence in safety

We apply the best available safety standards to the fabrication of Tectal roof covers. Likewise, we incorporate into our designs what is required to create a safe working environment for the installation of a Tectal roof.

Excellence in the protection of the environment

We use the most world-wide recycled aluminium alloy. One hundred percent of process scrap is recycled. As for installation scrap, we work closely with roofers to achieve 100% collection on the job site.

At the eventual end of the life of the building on which it is installed, a Tectal roof cover will be dismantled and reused as is or re-anodized into the same or another color, or perhaps remelted and rolled into aluminum sheet. Remelting does not require any special precautions: no paint to burn and thus, no obnoxious fumes given off.

Technical Features

Sturdy tiles

A key factor in product durability is tile thickness, which provides the essential mechanical properties for creating a waterproof and durable roof. Tectal's tiles are 50 thousandths of an inch thick, about double the value normally used in roofing sheet metal. Sturdiness is thus increased eight fold with respect to the latter.

Totally waterproof

A large tile overlap with close contact in the overlap area, and an integral underlying membrane (Vaproshield Slopeshield) fully protected by thick metallic tiles, provide permanent resistance to water ingress.

Resistant to extreme winds

Wind resistance is well over 200 mph as tested at National Research Council of Canada facilities in Ottawa. In fact, wind uplift resistance is about double that corresponding to the UL 580 Class 90 rating.

Thick architectural anodization

Anodization thickness is 20 microns vs a North American standard architectural practice of 18 microns. Surface aspect permanence is thus preserved for a considerable length of time.

Environmentally friendly

Color is obtained by differential diffusion or interference of light in the anodic layer, not by pigments inherently subject to deterioration by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

A technique that respects the environment

Tectal's roofs present a particularly interesting case of recyclability and environmental friendliness. Anodization is essentially performed at room temperature without release of volatile by-products, and is increasingly practiced at zero effluent. Furthermore, as the finish is completely mineral, process and installation scrap is easily recycled because it can be remelted without obnoxious volatile combustion products. Some future generation will eventually reuse the tiles or recycle the entire roof cover at full metal value. Finally, Tectal roofs provide a layer of air between tile and underlying membrane, thus reducing heat transfer to the building by conduction.

Aesthetic qualities

Distinctive geometric style

The beauty of Tectal roofs first arises from geometric style. Tectal's classical diamond tiling pattern, softened and harmonized by the tiles rounded apparent corner, creates a traditional, yet very distinctive geometry.

Authentic surface aspect

The tiles are anodized, which means that a very hard, colored ceramic layer has been formed at the surface. Anodization is a commercial finish unique in that it preserves the metallic appearance and thus, the authenticity of the product.

Rich colors in harmony with the sky

The available palette is a range of UV-fast bronze and rainbow colors. Varying sunlight conditions throughout the day, under rainy, overcast or blue sky and diverse angles of incidence, bring out a variety of roof appearances. The extraordinary surface richness and light responsiveness of anodized aluminum transform the roof into a beautiful architectural element forever attuned to the sun.

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